dj_luv-bioDJ Luv

Music has been my passion since I was a young child. In 2002 I started DJ’ing at local house parties, skating rinks, and private parties. Since then, I have played at most all local venues. I am versatile in my knowledge of music and have DJ’d many types of events. Currently I specialize in weddings, corporate events, and private parties. Currently, I am residing in the Louisville, KY area with a beautiful wife and son. I promise to do what it takes to ensure that your event will be one that will be remembered for a lifetime!

DJ Name: DJ Luv
Real Name: Larry Wilson
Location: Louisville, Ky
DJ Since: 2002
Category: Wedding DJ / All Events
Main genre: Various Genres
Music source: Vinyl, CD
Equipment: 2 Numark TT Turntables, Behringer DJX750 4-Channel Mixer, 2 SRM-450 12 inch Powered Speakers, Macbook Pro
Software: Serato
Skills: beatmatching, scratching, beat juggling, beatmaking
Venues played: Various



dj_tryumfDJ Tryumf

My name is Michael Robey, I reside in Louisville, KY with my wife. I started my music career in 2009 in my home studio, producing music. I have always had a love for music, and have attended music courses to have a good understanding of music. I am very versatile in the music genres that I have composed. I eventually met DJ Luv, and learned how to DJ. Partnering with DJ Luv has been a great learning experience and has really helped my DJing skills grow and continue to grow.

I ensure that your event will be memorable.

Real Name: Michael Robey (DJ Tryumf)
Location: Louisville, Ky
DJ Since: 2012
Category: Wedding DJ / All Events